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Logo Designing

Start with a logo

"A logoless company is a faceless man"

A logo is a mark that represents your company or business, it gives instant recognition of your business and helps you build your brand. A logo has a major impact on how your customers will perceive your company or business. An effective logo is immediately recognizable, reflects your message and makes you stand out.

Five attributes of a good logo

  • Unique and Distinctive
  • Attractive and Memorable
  • Portrays what your business is and reflects your brand identity
  • Versatile and can be applied to all the brand needs
  • Timeless

Your logo should speak volumes without being too complicated or confusing. Simplicity is key for a memorable logo.

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Logo designing is the creative process that involves lot of research and understanding of logo trends, fonts, colours, styles and many brainstorming sessions to conceptualize and design the logo concept.

At Goodlifehub Web Solutions, we understand the importance of designing attractive and powerful good logos to enhance your brand recognition.

Our logo design process

  • Connect and discover

    The first step starts with you! We’ll have a discussion with you. We’ll ask a series of questions to understand your business, discuss the colours and fonts for your logo, and determine your personal style and preferences. What you like and what you do not like?1

    You can take up this discussion by phone call or fill up the online questionnaire. We’ll send the link via e-mail.

  • Brainstroming and sketches

    We'll analyse your needs, do lots of research and start designing your logo. 2

  • Client feedback

    We’ll come up with a selection of 3-5 custom logo design options. You'll receive them in a PDF via e-mail. Review the logos, choose the logo that you like the most.3

  • Design revisions

    If you want little modification here and there or mix and match few colours, we’ll revise the chosen logo for your approval.4

  • Finalize

    After you've reviewed your revisions and finalised your logo, make the payment for your logo.5

  • Logo deliverables

    We’ll generate high quality logo in different formats and in different sizes that can be used on different mediums like websites, name boards, business cards, letter heads, envelope, brochure, Hoardings etc.6

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Logo portfolio

Lets Work

An important key to designing a good logo is great communication. To make sure your logo design comes out perfectly, communicate to us clearly during the interview process. Give us all the needed information about your company and style, so that we can create something really unique for you. Giving detailed and clear feedback will help us understand what you like.

The best logo design happens when we work together. Our top priority is to make your logos meaningful, memorable, simple and classy!