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Website designing and development has become inevitable in today’s digital world, finding the best web designers is a serious task. At Goodlifehub websolutions, we have 8 yrs of experience in website development and we are capable of creating custom customer driven webpages.

We have tailor-made website design packages that suits most of the business needs. Our website designing packages starts from Rs 999/-. We offer cheap and best web services. We never compromise on the quality even in the low cost website design packages.

The most preferred website package for start-ups and small business is the 5 page website or 5 section single page website containing Home, About us, Products/Services, Pricing/images and Contact us form. We’ll get your feedback and input during the entire process. We aim for best customer satisfaction.

We deliver web development and web design solutions within your budget and timeframe.

our website design and development process

We follow a systematic process to build your website. Read our web design and development process and learn about the steps involved in bringing your website to fruition.

  1. 1

    Connect and get an E-quote:

    The first step starts with you! Our on-boarding process involves completing an online E-quote form or contacting us over the phone or online chat. We’ll ask a series of questions to understand your website needs. Based on which, we’ll send you an estimate. Once we finalize the cost and you pay an advance, we get started.

  2. 2

    Discover and planning

    We’ll start with discussing your website more in detail through an online website questionnaire. We’ll decide on website goals, number of pages, page contents, user functionalities, design preferences and everything we need to know to build you a stunning website.

  3. 3

    Research and mockup design

    Using the detailed mind map of your website, we’ll construct the site structure using sitemaps and wireframes. We’ll design the page layout showing different structural elements like header, footer, navigation tabs etc. You'll get a full-page initial concept of the home page for your review and input through e-mail. Check for colours and design and give us your feedback.

  4. 4

    Web design

    We design all the main pages based on the approved homepage. We create all the visual assets like illustrations, buttons, call to actions, etc.

  5. 5


    Next, we build the informational architecture of the site. An important basic component of your website is its content. The contents of a website includes texts, images and other media (such as PDFs or videos), that sit within each web page. Your customers come to the website to get information about the products or the services that you offer. so you need to make sure you've answered all their questions.

    It’s important that you give us the contents as early as possible after the initial design layout confirmation. So that, we can design the pages and create functionalities based on the content. You want the contents to look great, properly placed and easy to read on the webpage. You can submit your contents via e-mail or dropbox.

  6. 6

    Web development

    We'll take your content and completed design concept and turn it into a working website. We do the coding, add links and functionality to content.

  7. 7

    Testing and Approval :

    We proofread and test performance on different devices and platforms. Once completed, we'll provide you with a private URL for previewing and testing your new site. This gives you the opportunity to test it on all your devices, check that all the links and buttons work, check for spellings and other errors and make sure you like the images and content layout.

  8. 8

    Domain and hosting assistance

    We’ll discuss about the domain URL and hosting plans. We’ll provide assistance in deciding and buying the domain and hosting.

  9. 9


    When you are ready to make your site live to the world, we'll do all the technical work of getting it loaded onto your server, making it live, as well as any debugging, if necessary. We also offer one-time jumpstart SEO setup for your website at an additional cost, to make sure Google and other search engine knows where your website is (includes Keyword research, On-site and Technical SEO).

  10. 10

    Client training

    After your website is launched, we'll schedule a training call so we can walk you through how to manage your website as well as answer all your questions

  11. 11


    Your website needs regular maintenance to thrive. We also provide website maintenance services at a low cost. Check out our packages.

why choose us?

Choose goodlifehub websolutions for Cheap and best website design
  • Good quality code

    We follow all coding standards while developing websites.

  • Budget friendly websites

    We offer best and cost effective websites with stunning designs and quality code.

  • Website your clients will love.

    Easy user-friedly interface to explore, share on social media and connect with you.

  • Responsive Designs

    Websites with cross device compatibility. Compatible to most of the mobiles, tablets, desktops and laptops. Attract more clients to your webpage.

  • Web Design that has some magic in it

    We have designers who create unique stunning websites.

  • Website maintainence and support

    Quick assistance, website maintainence with regular updation and backup services for completed sites.

We are a professional team that you can trust. You can count on us to be there for you every step of the way. We'll create a custom budget friendly proposal for your project and outline all the fees in the beginning. There won't be any surprise or additional fees later on. More than anything, we are passionate about building beautiful websites to help you attract customers for your business.

"Websites promote you 24/7: no employee will do that - Paul Cookson"